Asyra Evaluation


Asyra and AcuGraph testing equipment

Asyra and AcuGraph testing equipment

The Asyra Pro technology is a 10th generation device used to evaluate energetic disturbances that are associated with illness, or stresses to particular systems in the body.  While it is classified as an electro-dermal screening device, which is based on the original research of German Physician Reinhardt Voll MD (1950’s), this technology has been developed far beyond its original applications of associating organ and tissue stress with certain acupuncture points.

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It is thought that any disease state or tissue malfunction begins with an underlying aberrant energy disturbance.  In other words, pathology does simply not develop out of nowhere, but begins with a persistent energetic disturbance, that eventually manifests in a change to physical form and function. The identification and correction of these abnormal frequency patterns inherent in tissue stress or dysfunction is the therapeutic contribution of a device like the Asyra Pro.

Anything in the universe carries with it an underlying energetic frequency pattern that is unique to it.  Through meticulous study and evaluation, frequency signature patterns have been identified and recorded that define normal and diseased tissue states and well as many other toxic, infectious or otherwise harmful influences to the human organism.   The Asyra Pro measures electrical changes in the body occurring subsequent to the exposure of thousands of these known frequency signature patterns and is able to determine what specific organs and tissues are showing functional stress as well as what toxins, infections and other stressful influences may be causing disturbance in the system.

From this evaluation, the Asyra Pro is able to search in its database of over 70,000 interventions, with feedback from the patient’s body, the appropriate signature frequencies that will correct the underlying energetic disturbances.  The specific dilutions of these homeopathic medicines are determined as well.

Once all of the corrective frequency signature patterns have been identified (in terms of the specific homeopathic remedies, and their optimal dosages), they can by imprinted by the Asyra Pro into a homeopathic carrier solution for the patient to take over a  3-6 week period.   As a patient returns for follow up care, most of these disturbances will have been cleared, and a new, deeper layer can be evaluated and treated.  Restoration of health can usually be accomplished in a 2-12 month period of time, depending on the severity of the condition.

This technology makes an important contribution to helping patients achieve and maintain better health.  It is only used however in the context of clinical assessment of the patterns of dysfunction that are present in a given patient.  These patterns are developed through thoughtful consideration of a detailed history, lab work and any other objective diagnostic information available.

It is the “layering” of these approaches to evaluation and treatment that we are able to offer very thorough and thoughtful care to our patients.

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