Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

As cells become increasingly resistant to the influence of insulin, blood sugars, as well as many other cardiovascular and neurological risk factors, begin to rise.  Blood flow is compromised as sugar molecules (glucose) attach to the lining of small blood vessels and organ function begins to fail (eyes, gums/teeth, kidneys, and feet are typically affected areas).
A problem exists in that conventional therapies do little to stop the progression of this disease and prevent the long term complications and early mortality of most diabetics.  For type II diabetics, the dosing of oral hypoglycemic are progressively increased, with conversion to insulin dosing as blood sugar regulation, and the forces driving it become more and more out of control.
These standards of care, which are primarily modeled after guidelines put forth by the American Diabetes Association provide no meaningful way of preventing the long term complications of diabetes.

Dr. Harris addresses the primary underlying elements that foster a pattern of insulin resistance.  Those are:
  • A genetic intolerance of carbohydrates
  • Underlying immune system dis-regulation affecting hormonal and blood sugar balance. 

Addressing these issues will improve health on many levels aside from improving blood sugar regulation. 

For Type 1 diabetics we take steps to limit the destruction of the insulin producing cells of the pancreas in the early phases of disease by addressing  influences to autoimmunity.

We utilize several methods, including diet, Chinese herbs, German Biological Medicine and whole food nutrition to normalize blood sugars, minimize insulin doses and significantly curtail  the long term secondary disease characteristics of type 1 diabetes.   These strategies, if employed as a means of ongoing support, offer significant support to long term health.

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