Diet and Nutrition

Everybody knows this on some level, but a lot of us are reluctant to apply to ourselves.  The self evident truth is that diet and nutrition play a huge role in how you feel and perform.  It plays a major part as well  in how well maintained our health is in later life. This is typically the first area of discussion in the realm of treatment because if it’s not embraced, it’s difficult to make solid gains in feeling better. The approach to diet is pretty simple in terms of what we are trying to accomplish:

  1. Provide nutrition that truly supports the tissues and systems of the body in its optimal state of function (moving, thinking, creating, relating……………. oh, and telling a good joke).
  2. Avoid foods that contribute to the overall toxic burden on the body
  3. Avoid foods that trigger or provoke the immune system and consequently create immune and hormonal imbalances. (We see this scenario in almost everyone who walks in the door – to some degree).

That seems reasonable doesn’t it?

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