Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression

One or more of these complaints has been a common challenge for many. Despite their challenging impact on people’s lives it can be difficult to find lasing solutions to these issues because the underlying triggers or causes are not acknowledged in a typical medical “work up” and diagnosis.

These underlying issues often involve imbalances in:

  • Diet – food choices
  • Gut health and ecology
  • Hormonal health
  • Liver overwhelm (not reflected in labs typically)
  • “Toxic blood”
  • Latent/ discrete infections

You can see why a simplistic drug approach is maybe not the best long term solution.  Mostly because it masks these underlying issues and of course they persist, eventually contributing to other health challenges.  The presence of fatigue, anxiety and depression are indications of imbalances in the body, that can be corrected in most cases.

There are solutions to these issues and they can make such a difference in the level of fulfillment one experiences in life.