Fuctional Laboratory Assessment

Circle of Health Clinic utilizes the labs services of St. Charles Medical Center, Quest Diagnositics, and Labcorp for routine blood screening. We also use various labs around the country for specialized testing of heavy metals, gastrointestinal function/infection, hormone, Lyme disease, and other types evaluation.
Unlike a conventional health care approach to laboratory evaluation, lab results are used to determine trends in physiologic stress or dysfunction, rather than solely used to identify outright pathology or disease. In other words, lab value variations can suggest dysfunction or stress in many systems, especially when they are corroborated by a clinical history. Unfortunately, the conventional model fails to respond to these earlier indicators of functional disturbance and waits until there is more definitive evidence of organ or tissue failure – when it becomes more difficult to restore healthy functioning of that organ or tissue.
This method of laboratory evaluation is typically referred to as Functional Laboratory Assessment. Aside from incorporating conventional scrutiny for disease and pathology, it can help identify functional disturbances in:
  •   Blood sugar control including insulin resistance and hypoglycemia
  •   Cardiovascular risk
  •   Thyroid dysfunction
  •   Adrenal dysregulation
  •   Liver and gallbladder irritation, stress
  •   Immune system encumbrance
  •   Anemia
  •   Chronic infection
  •   Digestive function, inflammation, infection
  •   Food intolerances
  •   Reproductive problems
  •   Menopause and andropause
  •   Presence and toxic influence of heavy metals
For cash patients, comprehensive laboratory panels are offered at a significant discount (in comparison to other local lab services) for the Functional Laboratory Assessment.
Along other Assessments, this can be and extremely helpful tool in identifying and addressing stresses to the body before greater degrees of dysfunction or disease manifest.

Please call the clinic for details @  541-617-1195