Functional-Comprehensive Health History

Our interview process is structured to develop clear understanding in two key areas:

  • Your health concerns and priorities.
  • What specific areas (organ systems and tissues) of overall function are not working as they should:
    • These are the underlying reasons you are experiencing health challenges (symptoms) in the first place.
    • The questions and discussion in this area take a little longer in order to best understand where the ‘stresses to physiology” lie.


This is in contrast to a conventional medical consultation, where the “end game” is to establish a medical diagnosis (a “label”) and proceed to treat within the standard of care of the western medical model, usually w/ drugs and or surgery.


The “label” of course can be helpful in describing what’s happening. With the exception of emergency and critical care medicine however, if it becomes the focus (which it typically does), long term, effective solutions are difficult to achieve.

  • Why? – Because the body clearly works as a functioning unit – like a symphony, eh? All the systems must come together to make beautiful music.


Do we need to micromanage this? Heck no! The body already knows how to do this – sometimes it just needs a little support to wake up to its birthright.


What might constitute an effective long term success?

  • How about a fundamental improvement in overall health – a felt sense of really functioning better as a whole human being?
    • This usually coincides with the clearing, or a significant reduction of presenting symptoms.
    • This typically leads to a reduction in the development of life-threatening or debilitating illness.