German Biological Medicine

An Elegant and Effective Means of Health Restoration

This strategy facilitates:

  • “Drainage” and detoxification of specific tissues, allowing them to return to a state of correct function. 
  • “Biological and immune response modification”, inducing a more regulated and effective immune response.

Overall health is restored as organs and systems of the body regain integrity under the influence of these uniquely prepared “Pekana” and “Syntrion” German medicines.

The Extracellular Matrix – see illustration here

This acts a storage compartment for toxic substances that the body is unable to clear through the normal routes of excretion (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs).  Is is the “gel like” substance or “cellular bath”  that surrounds all cells, and the medium which oxygen and nutrients must pass through to reach cells from the blood compartment. 

Under normal conditions, when the toxic load quiets down, these toxins will move back into the blood and lymphatic compartments and be eliminated through the normal routes of excretion. 

In chronic illness however, these toxins persist in the extra-cellular matrix (they are “glued-in” so to speak) and the ability to discharge them has been overwhelmed.  These toxins interfere with the exchange of oxygen, hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients (among other things) between the blood compartment and the cells.  Coordinated efforts, using the “Pekana” remedies, assist the body to eliminate these toxins and allow for the restoration of the affected organs and tissues to take place.

Immune Dysregulation – see illustration here

We are all aware that the immune system can move into states of unpredictable and destructive modes of functioning, the chief examples being allergies, autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation .  Especially in the case of autoimmunity, and illnesses associated with chronic inflammation (cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, cancer, diabetes and virtually every other chronic disease state), it’s like the immune system is “locked-in” to this destructive mode of functioning and it can’t “release.” 

We use medicines that gently guide and support the immune system into a more stable and constructive zone of function: quieting “hyperactivity and hyper vigilance” (allergies and autoimmunity) and activating appropriate surveillance (chronic infection, cancer) where there is actually a lack of immune response. These two states typically co-exist in the case of chronic disease.

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