Lyme Disease and Coinfections

Comprehensive Care

We offer comprehensive care for those suspected or are currently affected by Lyme Disease and Co-infections.

We have a number of treatment options and supportive measures used to address the wide ranging affects of this disease complex.

From lowering microbial loads, to lessening and resolving pain and neurotoxicity issues (cognitive and psychological challenges) to addressing biofilm and hypercoagulation problems, we have the tools to help patients make a steady return to health.

Patient care includes ongoing evaluation of other stresses to the body, and providing appropriate support to those systems in need: environmental toxicity issues, gut health, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues, healing emotional blocks to wellness.  Attention to these areas is essential in achieving reliable and lasting treatment results.

Variables Affecting Health

The prevailing idea that the blood is sterile is simply not borne out by medical knowledge.  All mammals, including humans, harbor infectious organisms to a greater or lessor extent.  The impact of these, and their ability to influence our health depends on many variables:

  • The number of infections
  • The virulence of the infectious organisms
  • An individual’s level of exposure and genetic sensitivity to environmental toxins. We are all exposed to numerous toxic compounds that we accumulate in our bodies. (Please see The Vicious Cycle of Environmental Toxicity and Chronic Infection and Environmental Toxicity. These toxic compounds interfere with an effective immune response and weaken our ability to coexist successfully with infectious influences.)
  • The health and integrity of the barrier systems in the body: skin, mucosal membranes of the gut and respiratory system.  These have a significant influence on the health and stability of the immune response.
  • The health and ecology of the gastrointestinal system
  • The way one responds (stress response) to their external environment

These elements also determine the capacity of the immune system to maintain an effective level of surveillance over pathogenic influences (bacteria, viruses, yeast/ fungal organisms, mycoplasams, parasites etc.)

Treatments for Lyme & Co-Infections

Treatments are geared to:

  • Lower the overall infectious load through the use of safe anti-microbials that do not devitalize patients over the long run (antibiotics and even many herbal treatments often have this effect)
  • Modify the terrain or environment in the body that allows these organisms to proliferate
  • Remove encumbrances to normal physiology through the bio-transformation and elimination of accumulated (over a lifetime) toxins
  • Address stresses to a robust and balanced immune response.  This includes:
    • Quieting and correcting a hyper vigilant and destructive immune response (autoimmunity, and similar “over-reactive responses” )
      • Gently awakening an under active immune response (It is common for infectious influences to change the “set points” (prompts that signal the immune system to engage) of the immune system, in effect putting in a passive, unresponsive mode of function. We take decisive steps to correct this.)
      • Improve barrier function (skin, lungs, gastrointestinal tract) to lower persistent immune system provocation and gain greater integrity in overall functioning of the immune
    • Improve gut ecology as a primary determinant in systemic health
    • Follow through – so treatment gains are maintained

Free Consultation

We offer a free, no obligation 15 minute consultation to determine whether we can help you, and for you to get acquainted with our clinic and staff. Give us a call today.

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