The Effective Treatment of Pain

We employ multiple strategies to address acute and chronic pain.  Just like any other condition, a careful assessment allows us to identify the underlying triggers of the pain. These are some of the methods we use to address pain issues:

Acupuncture therapy is a very reliable, non-invasive and safe means of treating both chronic and acute pain.  There are many “switch” points on the body that when activated through needling, restore energy flow (“qi”) through an affected area not only to reduce and eliminate pain, but just as importantly, improve blood flow and support the healing of those tissues. Dr. Harris utilizes methods that result in rapid responses so that patients will experience relief very shortly after the  needles are placed.  Additional points are chosen as the patient reports a change in the location in the pain.  Through this method, the initial pain typically diminishes significantly. While some needling sensation (usually experienced as an ache, mild cramp or twinge feeling) is beneficial, this can be achieved at a level that is comfortable for the patient. For people with needle phobia, we use laser stimulation of acupuncture points as an effective alternate. Dr. Harris also gives thoughtful consideration to the metabolic influences that contribute to pain.  This is especially important to address in cases of chronic pain.  What does this mean exactly? When the liver and the immune system are in a state of overwhelm and dysregulation (as is typically the case in most chronic problems), the blood that is intended to nourish all the tissues and support cellular function actually takes on a toxic, irritating quality. (This is explained further in the Gut Health and Chronic Illness and Progression of Toxicity pages) Everyone has their own particular vulnerable areas that develop irritation as a result of this “toxic blood”.  No organ or tissue is immune to this fundamental influence of chronic illness. By working to optimize gut health and liver function, we improve the integrity of the blood as well as increase the perfusion of blood to tissues.  This has significant effects on reducing pain and to help ailing areas of the body to heal. Chinese herbal medicine offers a variety of options that are helpful in treating both acute and chronic pain – not only in terms of pain relief, but also in healing the affected tissues.

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