Treatment Plan Guidelines

Dosing of Recommended Items:

The dosages that are recommended in your treatment plan are guidelines that work for most, but not all patients.

If something is causing some gastrointestinal irritation it can be helpful to take that item with or just following a meal.

Chinese herbal prescriptions are ideally taken away from food: 30-60 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.  This is ideal – if you simply have to take them around the time of a meal due to gastrointestinal irritation taking them away from food or, as a simple matter of convenience (you fail to get them in away from food) then just take them near a meal.

In the case of anti-microbial agents, patient tolerance can vary widely.  It is best to work up to the recommended dosages or a level that you tolerate individually (below the threshold of symptoms associated with taking that item – usually related to die-off and detoxification pathways that are temporarily overwhelmed).

In the case of “toxin binders” (Medibulk, psyllium, chlorella, diatomaceous earth, french green clay etc.), it is best to take these away from other supplements and herbs so that you are not tying up your medicines up with the binding agents.