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A Natural, Effective, Safe
Drug-Free Approach

Experienced, Effective, Safe, and Time Tested Holistic Medical Care.

Get the healing forces of nature back on your side to feel well again!

We work as partners with our patients to relieve their current suffering, and to make significant and fundamental improvements in their overall health and quality of life – without the use of drugs and surgery.  From simple to complex illness, we are here to help you.

Dr. Allan A. Harris ND, LAc

Areas of Focus

Are you affected by fatigue, brain fog, emotional swings, digestive upset or pain?

We have the diagnostic insight and focused therapies to correct the underlying triggers of these challenging issues.

An Inside-Out Approach to Healing:

What does this mean? One of the guiding principles in Naturopathic Medicine is “Vis Medicatrix Naturae” – which means “The Healing Power of Nature.”

We support and adhere to this principle very strongly. It means that the living energy, or vital force within the human organism maintains a healing intelligence far beyond what the intellect can comprehend or manage.

We offer insights to improve understanding where this healing response has been disrupted, and support you in returning to a state of robust health and vitality.

We utilize time tested traditional healing methods combined with the most advanced technological evaluation approaches to support you in your path to well-being.

If your intent is to return to a place of strength and balance we can help you!

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